To our newest members: Welcome to Gallery

Since launching our beta in October, we’ve seen an incredible response: we’re overwhelmed with feature requests, our Discord is filled with passionate collectors, and the demand for our membership cards has far exceeded our expectations.

We have big plans for 2022 and a core objective is to open the door for more collectors, artists, and enthusiasts to join Gallery so they can share their collection with the world.

So far, we’ve had a limited cohort of early access users on the platform who have helped give feedback, surface bugs, and shape the future of the product. These users gained access via our Membership Card NFTs, which have been limited in quantity.

Today we’re ready to get more cards in the hands of new users.

As a first step, we are introducing a new, more accessible tier of cards: the General Membership Card.

Membership Card NFTs

Why membership card NFTs?

We believe in a crypto-based future where the communities you’re a part of, the experiences you’ve had, and your passions are all represented on-chain. Not only that, we also believe users should have ownership in the networks where they create value.

We see giving our users a digital asset to own their membership as the first step towards that. Unlike a web2 invite system, users don’t just get access to the platform, but they also own their membership. Additionally, this gives us the powerful community-building tools afforded to web3 communities such as token-gated channels, snapshot votes, and potential future airdrops.

How it works.

In order to sign up and create a gallery, you must be holding a Membership Card in your wallet. If at any point you give away your membership card, you lose access to your gallery.

What this means is that if you decide that Gallery isn’t the community for you, you can sell or gift your membership to someone else who is a better fit.

Premium Membership Cards

We initially released a first wave of membership cards back in October, which were given to existing users, VIPs, and early community members. The different types that exist today are: VIP, Founding Member, Contributor, Marfa, Gold, and Silver. Moving forward, we are referring to this collection as Premium Membership Cards.

This premium collection of membership cards will include exclusive benefits such as getting listed on our member directory (coming soon), exclusive discord roles, early access to features, rare badges, etc. If you’re interested in these perks, you can buy one of these cards on the secondary market.

Note that all Premium Membership Cards, regardless of type, are functionally equal today (TBD in future).

These are limited in supply and were never intended to be the primary means to access Gallery, which brings us to today’s announcement.

The General Membership Card

To grant more users access to the platform, we are introducing the General Membership Card. These cards will be much more widely available with a larger supply and various means of acquiring one.

Holding this Card in your wallet will allow you to sign up and create a gallery. You must keep the card in your wallet to continue signing in and updating your gallery in the future.

Through out this year, we will be introducing new ways to mint a General Membership Card. To kick things off, we will be partnering with vision-aligned creators and communities to whitelist their collectors and community members to mint a membership card and onboard onto Gallery.

Today, we’re announcing our first partnership with generative artist Stefan Contiero. Read more about it in our blog post.

To all our new membership card holders: Welcome to Gallery.

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