Introducing: Stefano Contiero x Flamingo x Gallery

After months of testing and iterating with our initial cohort of users, we are finally ready to get our General Membership Cards into the hands of more users.

Here’s how we’re doing it.

Over the coming months, we are partnering with vision-aligned creators and communities to distribute our membership to the most passionate and engaged collectors. Our goal is to make Gallery a home for every collector and community to share not only their favorite pieces but also the stories and meaning behind them. By distributing access to those who meaningfully participate and contribute in the overall NFT ecosystem, we hope to cultivate a rich, thoughtful culture on Gallery.

For each community we partner with, we’ll take a snapshot of the holders and whitelist them to mint a membership card to onboard onto Gallery. For example, every collector of an artist we partner with will be able to mint a membership card and join our community.

To kick things off, we’re grateful to be collaborating with FlamingoDAO to present Stefan Contiero’s much anticipated collection: Leggenda.

Our first partnership: Stefan Contiero’s Leggenda

Stefan Contiero is a self-taught artist born in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. His Italian, logical father and his Dominican, floral mother are his principal influences since childhood. As a result of growing up between two cultures, he understands privilege at a young age and develops a fragmented sense of belonging that characterizes him even today.

With an early interest in technology and design, after building a career in tech, his passions meet in Generative Art, the perfect union between code and visual arts. After fully tapping into his creativity, Stefano identifies himself as an artist. In addition to digital artworks, he nowadays also creates paintings and artworks with mixed media.

Stefan has released a number of works across Artblocks, Foundation, and Opensea. His most notable collection, Frammenti, was curated by Artblocks and released in May 2021. The collection of 555 sold out quickly and has seen enormous demand in secondary sales over the last seven months.

Frammenti #0
Frammenti #0


Leggenda is Stefano Contiero’s upcoming collection on Flamingo’s generative art platform, Flutter. It’s inspired by the “future past” and lost civilizations. What happens if humans go extinct and another civilization finds our NFTs? Read more about the collection from Stefano himself here.

Test mint of Leggenda
Test mint of Leggenda

The sale of Stefan’s Leggenda series will start with a pre-sale at 12pm ET on Jan 11 to Gallery Premium Membership Card holders (Founding Members, Gold, VIP, Marfa, Silver) and friends of Flamingo.

The public mint will begin at 12pm ET on Jan 13. Mint price for a Leggenda will be 0.33 ETH, sold on a first-come first-serve basis. Limit 1 per wallet.

One week after the drop, we’ll be whitelisting every Leggenda holder to mint a General Membership Card (free, excluding gas).

For more information follow @useGALLERY, @stefano_contiero, and @FLAMINGODAO and join our Discord for any questions.

The collection will be released on Flamingo’s Flutter here.

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