Introducing: The Feed
July 1st, 2022

NFTs are social. Now Gallery is too.

Introducing a social feed where you can see the latest curations from your favorite collectors on Gallery.


Two core beliefs underpin everything we do:

  1. NFTs are building blocks for your identity.
  2. NFTs are one of the most powerful tools for building relationships on the internet.

We've built a way to share your online identity on the decentralized web, with thousands of members creating galleries and expressing themselves through their digital objects.

When viewing a gallery, you see a high-resolution snapshot into who someone is: the creators they support, the communities they're a part of, the experiences they’ve had, their taste in art and music. If you encounter someone you resonate with, your natural reaction is to reach out and connect.

Now you can.

What is the Feed?

The social feed is our first step in creating bridges across people, collections, and communities. By following those you care about, the feed will populate with updates so you can stay connected with others and their activities.

Every time you create a new collection, update your gallery, or add a collector’s note, your followers will see the changes surfaced when they visit. Events will also propagate to the global feed, creating opportunities for new followers to discover you whenever you curate your gallery.

What’s unique about our social feed is that updates are only surfaced when a user takes action to curate a piece or assemble a new collection. Unlike raw blockchain event indexers which show all NFTs minted, bought, and sold, you’ll gain insight into the more meaningful actions and context around them.

This leads to a more intentional stream of content. More signal, less noise.

What’s next.

Gallery's ultimate mission is to create a more intimate internet. NFTs and the identities & relationships formed through them are critical in achieving this.

Right now the NFT ecosystem is not empowered by the platforms on which we consume them. Over the coming months, expect Gallery to bridge the gap as a destination for self-expression, discovery, and connection. As we evolve into a more social experience, you’ll see more community-first features brought to life: personalization, token-gated messaging, and more.

In the meantime, go follow your favorite collectors and browse their latest curations.

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