August 16th, 2022

We’re launching merch. And they’re NFTs.

Gallery has always been community-first in the way we build and grow. We believe the best way to create a lasting and sustainable platform is to embed our users in our processes as much as possible. From your favorite band’s concert tees to your go-to brand’s water bottles and tote bags, merch has always been a powerful way to express the things you’re passionate about.

Naturally, we want to give our community ways to connect with each other and share their love of our brand. We have already distributed merch to a few core members, and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive – both IRL and online.

August 10th, 2022

The Goal

One of the primary features of Gallery is enabling users to display their NFTs. To facilitate this, we need a quick way to retrieve all NFTs that belong to any given wallet address. Unfortunately, the Ethereum blockchain was not designed with a magical "get me every token that person owns" command, let alone other ways to slice the data: handling NFTs that are staked or escrowed, retrieving NFTs that were created by a specific address, retrieving NFTs an address once owned in the past, etc.

Thankfully, however, the blockchain does keep track of every transaction that has ever occurred in sequential order. This allows us to start from the beginning and track every token transfer, as well as the sender and recipient of those transfers. When the whole process has caught up to the current block, we should have a good idea of who still owns which tokens. From then on we simply need to listen for new blocks and see which wallets just paper-handed their Gallery Membership Card—and other NFTs, of course.

The process of accumulating token balances by reading the sequential data produced by the blockchain is what most would call indexing, and the super villain software that performs the indexing we'll call The Indexer. Don't worry though, The Indexer may be a boss battle to build but it sure saves the day in the end. The Indexer is the Darth Vader to our original trilogy, if you will.

July 1st, 2022

NFTs are social. Now Gallery is too.

Introducing a social feed where you can see the latest curations from your favorite collectors on Gallery.


Two core beliefs underpin everything we do:

When Gallery was first born as a side project, we started with a key insight: there was a missing element of tasteful design and branding in the way NFTs were shared and displayed. While touted as cultural legos on the internet, the primary forms of consumption were on marketplaces more akin to a big box retailer or bargain bin.

Gallery took a stand — we created a clean, minimal way to share your NFTs. From the very start, early members were drawn to the negative space and focus on the art even despite minimal functionality. All that to say thoughtful design has been core to our DNA since day one.

While the existing brand took us far, we started to reach its limits as we set our sights on scaling our reach and surface area. How would our brand extend into music, communities, and lived experiences? Which is why we worked with our friends at Mouthwash Studio to create our new, elevated, and refined identity.

March 1st, 2022

Gallery’s next partnership is with Friends with Benefits — a DAO that is bringing together artists, musicians, creators, and supporters who are committed to fostering a community that educates and uplifts its members.

A cultural leader in web3, FWB is a community where members connect over shared interests and learn from experts in music, art, crypto, investing, fashion, and more. As a DAO, each member has a stake in the success of the community, and from its members-only Discord and token-gated events to its fellowship program, FWB has created a space for crypto experts and newcomers alike to thrive. A launchpad for creatives entering crypto, FWB facilitates connections between members who support each other and even go on to launch new projects together.

At Gallery, we admire the way FWB has paved the way for decentralized decision making and has created a strong community of tastemakers. By giving FWB members access to Gallery, we hope to further encourage their creativity and give them a way to express themselves through the curation of their NFTs.

On Thursday, March 3rd, 2022 at 12pm ET we will take a snapshot of all current FWB members with at least 75 $FWB and minting of Gallery General Membership Cards will open to those on the allowlist on Friday March 4th, 2022 at 12pm ET. General cards will be free to mint, plus gas.

To continue on our mission of partnering with communities we admire, we’re ready to welcome Bright Moments’ CryptoCitizens onto Gallery.

Crypto Citizens x Gallery

Bright Moments’s vision is ambitious: they aim to bridge NFT art from the digital to physical world and form connections within communities around the globe. Their first two galleries were in Venice Beach and New York City where they awarded attendees with CryptoCitizen NFTs. Now, each CryptoCitizen is a member of the DAO and gets the power to help decide where the project goes next.

Since day one, Bright Moments has played a major role in educating people in the disruptive power of NFTs. They have introduced countless people to the NFT world by turning minting into a true IRL experience. Similarly, core to Gallery’s mission is bringing the next million people into NFTs by creating a space to share and curate. We’re excited to align with Bright Moments in this goal and give all CryptoCitizens a gallery for them to showcase their digital identities.

February 9th, 2022

This is a technical blog post by the Gallery Engineering team.

Got questions? Reach out to Kaito on twitter.

A massive breakthrough for Web3 is enabling users to have self-sovereign ownership over their logins and keys. As a result, like most Dapps, here at Gallery we use an Ethereum wallet sign in instead of the dated email+password. Naturally, we prioritized Metamask and WalletConnect support to account for the majority of users before building out support for additional wallets.

Over the last half year, as the number of DAOs have steadily increased and the influence they hold over the broader NFT ecosystem continues to rise, we understood it was critical to support DAOs as a first-class citizen, and the very first step to doing so was enabling them to natively sign in and create an account.

Gallery’s next partnership is with a community that has quickly become one of the friendliest, most creative, and strangest places in web3.

Crypto Coven x Gallery

Crypto Coven has put on a masterclass in building a strong community inspired by art and dedicated to the lore, not the floor.

The High Witches made it simple for everyone who was interested in minting a witch to learn how to set up a wallet and get started in web3. Because of this, and their dedication to representing witches of all backgrounds in the artwork, the community is incredibly diverse and exciting. Just a few months after launch, there are already community-led offshoots and groups of witches meeting up in person to form meaningful connections.

January 22nd, 2022

Gallery is ready to onboard its next cohort of users. In a world full of speculation and prices, our goal is to bring on community members who are aligned with our mission of creating a space where the stories, meaning, and context behind NFTs are celebrated. As a result, we’re partnering with vision-aligned communities to distribute our membership cards.

Our first partnership with Stefan Contiero x FlamingoDAO was an outstanding success. The entire Leggenda collection sold out within 24 hours and holders have proudly joined our community. We’re thrilled to see how much people have connected not only with the pieces but also how much they have shared on Gallery.

To continue bringing on the next wave of collectors, curators, and tastemakers, we’re excited to announce our next partnership.

After months of testing and iterating with our initial cohort of users, we are finally ready to get our General Membership Cards into the hands of more users.

Here’s how we’re doing it.

Over the coming months, we are partnering with vision-aligned creators and communities to distribute our membership to the most passionate and engaged collectors. Our goal is to make Gallery a home for every collector and community to share not only their favorite pieces but also the stories and meaning behind them. By distributing access to those who meaningfully participate and contribute in the overall NFT ecosystem, we hope to cultivate a rich, thoughtful culture on Gallery.

For each community we partner with, we’ll take a snapshot of the holders and whitelist them to mint a membership card to onboard onto Gallery. For example, every collector of an artist we partner with will be able to mint a membership card and join our community.

Since launching our beta in October, we’ve seen an incredible response: we’re overwhelmed with feature requests, our Discord is filled with passionate collectors, and the demand for our membership cards has far exceeded our expectations.

We have big plans for 2022 and a core objective is to open the door for more collectors, artists, and enthusiasts to join Gallery so they can share their collection with the world.

So far, we’ve had a limited cohort of early access users on the platform who have helped give feedback, surface bugs, and shape the future of the product. These users gained access via our Membership Card NFTs, which have been limited in quantity.

Today we’re ready to get more cards in the hands of new users.

November 16th, 2021

NFTs are on a meteoric rise. Today, more than two million wallets own NFTs. The industry has surpassed $10B in transaction volume this year. The most influential creators and brands are piling in and there are no signs of slowing down.

For those who have been watching closely—it's no surprise. We are in the midst of a monumental shift: we now spend more and more time online, our digital identities matter more than ever, and for the first time in history, we are able to truly own digital goods via self-sovereign wallets. While much of the media focus has been on eye-watering prices, NFTs are simply digital goods. Like physical goods, these digital goods reflect your taste, interests, values, and the communities you believe in—only now at internet scale. As a result, the NFTs you own provide incredible texture and resolution to who you are online.

With the power to create digital assets now open and accessible to anyone in the world, we are already seeing top creators, media companies, and brands dive headfirst into the world of NFTs, a trend that will only accelerate over the coming decade. As NFTs are granted for the concerts you attend, earned for participating in communities, and rewarded for being a top patron of your favorite establishments, the pieces you own will begin to represent all aspects of your life.